I was born in Susa on 2nd January 1977 and have always lived in Sauze d’Oulx. I have been a ski instructor since 1997 and during my training I also specialised in snowboard instruction. I have taught both ski and snowboarding right from the start of my career. Both my uncles, Giorgio and Marco are ski instructors and they taught me a lot, from taking my first steps on skis as a child to encouraging me to do my very best in my profession as a ski intructor.

The ski school I worked for up until last year has always had a majority of foreign clients. This has helped me improve my English so now I have a very good command of spoken English which enables me to establish a good relationship with my clients. As well as being able to teach in English I have maintained good friendships which have enabled me to visit England and Scotland.

Between 2005 and 2006 the ski school where I worked collaborated with Sauze Project. This was a very important period for me due to the fact that I had the possibility of working with various disabled skiers. It was not only a question of technical experience but also one of the most humane and rewarding experiences in my professional career.

I got married in 2008 and have two children, Enrico was born in 2007 and Carlo in 2011. I have taught both of them to ski and will also shortly teach them snowboarding. Enrico is a member of Sauze d’Oulx Ski Club whilst Carlo attends various ski school courses which are just as good but obviously less demanding for a four year old. My wife is Slovakian, we met in Sauze whilst she was working a winter season. I have tried to teach her to ski several times but there are certain things a husband cannot, or more importantly, should not do, if you do not want to risk ruining your marriage!

A few years ago whilst looking for new challenges and on the advice of alpine guide Alberto Bolognesi, I decided to try telemark, especially in my spare time.
Seeking to improve my technique I decided to study so I could teach telemark.

The ski school has always supported me and and shown their faith in me by offering me the position of ski school Director for a year. This position however, took away from me the real reason why I became a ski instructor – the passion for teaching.

My decision to leave the ski school is due to the need to feel free to organise my time and to be able to satisfy as much as possible, the customer who is seeking a more personalised lesson and to work outside the standardised parameters of the ski school.