A discipline for those of you who want to enjoy the mountains and the slopes going downhill whilst acquiring the style and preparation to face slopes of various difficulties, from the simplest blue to the steepest and most inaccessible black.
Alpine skiing is the basis of skiing and remains for me the best way to enjoy the day or the holiday in a totally relaxed manner. Skiing downhill in complete freedom is one of most preferred activities of both tourists and professionals. Improving ones style is essential to be able to ski for longer periods of time whilst feeling less tired.


Snowboarding is a very enjoyable sport and very different from skiing, not only in the equipment used but also in technique. Based on experience it requires a certain preparation. It requires more than anything good balance, a little courage and patience to be able to attempt the first turns. A private lesson in snowboarding is therefore essential as the instructor gives direct assistence with the above mentioned requirements.


This is an old way of skiing which is slowly coming back into fashion thanks to modern materials. It offers a unique sensation and whilst in the middle of a telemark turn you get the feeling of being an integral part of nature, feeling free in the simplicity of its movements. It is not the easiest of disciplines for the “beginner” but once the first hurdles are overcome your emotions will be sky high!


This is an all round discipline aimed at the most hardy and motivated skier. It is skiing which entails walking uphill and exploring all parts of the mountain, challenging the peaks and taking advantage of the incredible views.
Ski mountaineering is another one of those interesting disciplines that requires a lot of preparation. The possibility of learning the best styles and techniques to face the challenges of this sport will be an integral part of the courses and every student can face the challenge thanks to my professional preparation.


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